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Smith, Lisa
Regalado, Brenda
Assistant Principal
Vazquez, Xochitl
Assistant Principal
Harris, Beverly
Instructional Coach
Mack, Tracy
Instructional Coach
Washington, Karen
Instructional Coach

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Our mission at 96th Street Steam Academy is to establish a community of learners in which all stakeholders are held accountable. 96th Street Steam Academy will maintain high expectations and provide culturally relevant standards driven curriculum which will result in academic success for all children.


The vision of 96th Street Steam Academy is to provide a safe and rigorous learning environment where teachers and staff work collaboratively to provide an optimal learning environment that is conductive to high student achievement. 

     It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the 2017-2018 school year at 96th Street STEAM Academy where children always come first. I am thrilled to begin this new school year and report our API is still on the rise! Our latest API score is one of the highest in the local district! This is truly due to quality instruction, a talented and dedicated staff, students excited to learn and knowing that learning is their #1 job. In 2014-2015 we participated in the Common Core pilot assesment to coincide with the new Common Core Standards. This year 3rd through 6th grade will continue testing. Student achievement occurs because we offer a warm, nurturing and safe environment, with the support and encouragement of our families and community. The moment you step onto campus, you can feel the electricity, an enthusiasm and excitement for learning. At 96th Street School, every student’s success is a celebration, and every smile and feeling of confidence is a victory! We are known as an outstanding community of learners where the pursuit of excellence is a standard practice.

      As reflected in our mission statement, the staff and school community are committed to maximizing the academic and social achievement of every child. Our thoughtful and committed staff achieves this goal by creating an environment that embraces our diverse community of learners and the unique nature of each individual. At 96th Street School, this philosophy is lived daily and everyone shares a strong work ethic and dedication to learning. Our educational program is a rigorous, standards-based program that promotes academic excellence. The curriculum focuses on developing the skills and knowledge that students must have to succeed in today’s world. Students exit our school prepared for the academic and social challenges that lie ahead.

     Our staff truly embraces the community of students that we serve. This is evidenced by the longevity of the staff, their dedication, and hard work which has resulted in the ability to meet API and AYP goals since the inception of NCLB. The culture of our staff is that there is an atmosphere of support and respect. We are focused on increased student achievement using researched-based instructional methods, progress monitoring, and proven effective classroom practices through a collaborative model. Our staff collaborates to support each other and to ensure that every student is achieving and meeting state standards.

    96th Street is an elementary school made up of Pre-K through 6th grade students. We offer a unique educational experience for our students by incorporating the RTI Model of Intervention for all grades. This has enabled us to support our English Language Learners and other students who have not met the AMO benchmarks over the years. In addition, we provide enrichment for our high achieving and GATE students. The support staff works diligently with students and staff to provide researched-based interventions to our “at risk” students.

     At 96th Street School, we recognize that our mission and goals can only be achieved through the active support and partnership of parents, family, and the greater community. Families are an integral part of our educational process. In recognition of their important role, family involvement is actively sought and encouraged. We invite all of our families to volunteer and attend all of our events. Our students are valued and loved, and our families are always welcomed. Together, we put our children first to make sure that everything we do will help our children learn and become successful. Working as a TEAM, the 96th Street family will continue to achieve. Let’s have another spectacular year!